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W. Amsler marks 25th anniversary

Heidi Amsler

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of all-electric stretch blow moulding machinery for the plastics industry.

The company, founded by Swiss-born Werner Amsler, a veteran of the plastic industry, has grown from humble beginnings to its current position as a strategic global supplier of blow molding machinery for the production of plastic containers.

Amsler emigrated to the US in the 1960s and started his plastics career in 1970 as a mold maker, later working for Bekum. He established the highly successful blow molding company Swissplas Ltd. which was sold to Monarch Plastics in 1987. W. Amsler Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1990, offering technical consulting and R&D.

In 1994, Amsler started W. Amsler Equipment in Concord, Ontario, to focus on fully electric machines.

Pushing the boundaries

The trademarks of Amsler machinery are highly repeatable processing, energy savings, and a 75 percent reduction in maintenance costs. One of Amsler’s primary beliefs is that company owners should be able to sleep at night while their machines keep running efficiently. Amsler said: “Our success has been built by the many great employees whose steady focus on innovation have lifted our company to new heights … Our simple formula has been to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology, and meeting the needs of our customers in terms of quality, productivity, and sustainability.”

The company has machines in 18 countries and its first all-electric L22 model machine, built-in 1996, is still running today. Other technology achievements include the 2002 launch of the L16 single-cavity with 6L capacity and the 2010 introduction of the L32 convertible machine with adjustable cavitation for different bottle sizes. At NPE 2018, the company launched its next-generation L42X all-electric reheat machine with preferential heating, neck orientation, and hot-fill capabilities.

W. Amsler received the 2010 Plastics Innovator Award from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Today at 74, Amsler plays an active role as President while directing application work and machine development projects. He is joined by four other family members in running the company, including his wife, daughter, and son.

W. Amsler to Supply Npe2018’s Bottle Zone Beer Garden with Pet Beer Containers

Heidi Amsler

W. Amsler Equipment, the supplier of all-electric linear PET stretch blow moulders will use its single-cavity PET stretch blow moulder to produce bottles for NPE2018’s bottle zone beer garden.

The company will supply Craft beer in barrier PET bottles to be sold throughout the week at

in the Beer Garden, which is part of NPE’s Bottle Zone, an area consisting of 40 exhibitors who work in PET packaging.

The company worked with numerous suppliers and vendors including Bill Droste, a partner with Orlando Brewing in Orlando who had a pre-existing arrangement to supply beer in glass containers with the Orange County Convention Centre.

The 12oz, 36-gram preform was designed by Amsler with assistance from Athena Automation and Yudo Valuepro.

Amsler had to maintain the bottle height for filling but shortened the shoulder to compensate for the wall thickness in a glass bottle.


Amsler beer bottles


The preform was designed to accept a standard metal crown closure and optimised for the required axial and diametrical stretch ratios as well as core and cavity draft for preform moulding.

Amsler selected a monolayer structure with barrier additive for the barrier material which would allow the moulding of PET preforms on any injection moulding machine equipped for PET.

The company says it has also created barrier clear bottles to target the growing cider market.

Heidi Amsler, Marketing Manager for Amsler, said: “It was a stiff challenge but we were up to the task so that the Bottle Zone had another interesting feature to draw attendees.”

W. Amsler will be at NPE2018 7th-11th May at Booth #S21067.

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