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W. Amsler marks 25th anniversary

Heidi Amsler

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of all-electric stretch blow moulding machinery for the plastics industry.

The company, founded by Swiss-born Werner Amsler, a veteran of the plastic industry, has grown from humble beginnings to its current position as a strategic global supplier of blow molding machinery for the production of plastic containers.

Amsler emigrated to the US in the 1960s and started his plastics career in 1970 as a mold maker, later working for Bekum. He established the highly successful blow molding company Swissplas Ltd. which was sold to Monarch Plastics in 1987. W. Amsler Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1990, offering technical consulting and R&D.

In 1994, Amsler started W. Amsler Equipment in Concord, Ontario, to focus on fully electric machines.

Pushing the boundaries

The trademarks of Amsler machinery are highly repeatable processing, energy savings, and a 75 percent reduction in maintenance costs. One of Amsler’s primary beliefs is that company owners should be able to sleep at night while their machines keep running efficiently. Amsler said: “Our success has been built by the many great employees whose steady focus on innovation have lifted our company to new heights … Our simple formula has been to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology, and meeting the needs of our customers in terms of quality, productivity, and sustainability.”

The company has machines in 18 countries and its first all-electric L22 model machine, built-in 1996, is still running today. Other technology achievements include the 2002 launch of the L16 single-cavity with 6L capacity and the 2010 introduction of the L32 convertible machine with adjustable cavitation for different bottle sizes. At NPE 2018, the company launched its next-generation L42X all-electric reheat machine with preferential heating, neck orientation, and hot-fill capabilities.

W. Amsler received the 2010 Plastics Innovator Award from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Today at 74, Amsler plays an active role as President while directing application work and machine development projects. He is joined by four other family members in running the company, including his wife, daughter, and son.

PET stretch blow molding machines in Canada, USA

W. Amsler Announces First Commercial Application for 64oz PET Barrier Growler for Craft Beer Market

Heidi Amsler

BOLTON, Ontario, June 14, 2019 – W. Amsler Equipment Inc., a leading supplier of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molders, has announced the first commercial sale of 64-oz polyethylene terephthalate (PET) growler jugs to Arch Brewing Co., an independently owned craft brewery in Newmarket, Ontario. The beer container mimics the competitive glass design and provides barrier protection for extended shelf life. Arch Brewing will offer the PET growler as an event-safe alternative to its glass growler.

W. Amsler has focused new resources and expanded its participation in the beer and spirits packaging market. It has provided market-entry assistance to customers like JMS International Packaging, a leading packaging solutions provider, in the areas of design, development, and pre-production runs. “This is a major milestone for us in terms of cracking the craft beer industry,” said Marc Leblanc, owner of JMS International Packaging. Heidi Amsler, sales and marketing manager for W. Amsler, said: “We’re excited about the future prospects of converting glass to PET and creating environmentally-friendly barrier packaging for the beer and spirits markets.”

The idea of using PET growlers was appealing right from the outset, according to Sue King, owner of Arch Brewing. She noted that the shape, color, and look of the bottle were a close match to the traditional 1.9L glass growler bottle that is common in the industry. “Growlers are a really big seller for us and we see an opportunity for growth with the people who love the 1.9L format, but shy away from it because glass isn’t welcome in all environments,” said King. “The craft brewing industry is about innovation and about trying new things so we’re proud to be on the cutting edge by offering PET growlers.”

W. Amsler sees strong opportunities in glass conversion applications where barrier PET bottles have a strong fit due to their light weight and portability. The amber PET container is manufactured by W. Amsler at its Bolton, Ontario, facility on behalf of JMS International Packaging on a W. Amsler all-electric, single-cavity linear series stretch blow molder. The PET barrier container weighs 106 grams versus 1.2 kg for the glass version, thus resulting in reduced shipping costs. It is also event-friendly, unbreakable, and 100% recyclable, according to the company.

A growler is a jug commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out craft beer. The significant growth of craft breweries and the growing popularity of home brewing have also led to an emerging market for the sale of growlers.

“We’ve set a new benchmark in terms of shelf life and provided craft brewers a highly viable alternative to the standard glass container,” said Amsler. Unbreakable and portable PET growlers provide an entry into venues that do not allow glass because of the potential for breakage and other security requirements.

The 64-oz, 106-gram container was designed by W. Amsler with standard preforms supplied by Preform Solutions Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D. It incorporates a barrier with a monolayer structure which includes a Sherwin Williams’ barrier additive. The barrier prevents oxygen ingress and egress and loss of CO2, thus providing up to a 12-month shelf life versus 48 hrs for standard PET growlers. This monolayer barrier solution is compatible with existing recycling streams. The high-density polypropylene (PP) handle, designed by JMS International Packaging, is produced separately and attached to the container via a secondary process. The PET container can accept the same steel or plastic recloseable caps that are found on the glass growlers today.

The PET growlers are also available in clear color with or without barrier protection for ciders, craft sodas, craft cocktails, and liquor. Custom growlers can be produced in different shapes, colors, and engraving. Pressure-sensitive labels can be applied and a screen printing process can also be used. W. Amsler offers PET growlers in small batch (pallet or less) availability to meet craft brewer needs.

About Arch Brewing

Arch Brewing, a craft brewery based in Newmarket, Ontario, specializes in small-batch, high- quality beers. The company offers a cozy space for its customers and challenges itself to find ways to keep getting better. The brewery is in a constant state of innovation, delivering the latest in terms of products and services for its clientele. Arch Brewing serves beer directly to the public through their brewery storefront as well as the LCBO and Beer Store. Arch Brewing is a unique space to come visit, have a pint, and be present where it is brewed. For more information, visit www.archbrewing.ca.

About JMS International Packaging Inc.

JMS International Packaging, based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, specializes in design, manufacturing and delivery of complete packaging solutions. Through a combination of 30 years of plastic knowledge, JMS International Packaging specializes in the production of high-quality packaging materials. Through the years, the company has evolved into a multi-product and multi-service business which provides customers with an endless variety of packaging possibilities.

The company’s product line is diversified and responsive to the needs of the entire food market. JMS International creates innovative products through established and proven technology and advanced R&D. The new patented plastic PETB1 offers the best performing air index on the market. It’s a unique material that protects a product from UV rays and offers transparent or opaque options. The product resists impact and ensures a certain economy compared to glass. The formula has enabled JMS to obtain a recycle code 1. It has strong resistance to hot filling and is much lighter than glass. For more information, visit www.jmsintpackaging.com.

About W. Amsler Equipment Inc.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is the only North American manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molders, 100% designed and built in North America. W. Amsler is a privately-held Canadian company founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler. In addition to PET stretch blow molding machines, Amsler provides bottle design, preform sourcing, preform design and pilot production run services. Amsler Equipment can also supply equipment for complete blow molding plants and filling lines. These products include bottle inspection units, blow-dome spin-off trimmers, air compressors, vacuum conveyors, blow molds, gaylord dumpers, mold temperature control units, and process chillers. For more information, visit www.amslerequipment.net.

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