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PET bottles, flasks and an HDPE cooler take top honors in blow molding

CHICAGO — The Society of Plastics Engineers’ Blow Molding Division presented awards to packaging innovations like triangular bottles, flask containers for Jack Daniels, an industrial products line a game table and a giant ice cooler.Judges selected winners from 14 entries, at the SPE Blow Molding Conference, held Oct. 5-7 in Chicago. This was the second annual blow molded parts competition.
Here is a recap of the awards:


First place: W. Amsler Equipment Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario, won for a set of four triangular-shaped PET bottles that nest together for efficient packaging. Retailers also save space. The bottles use recycled food-grade PET to replace PVC. 55oz spin trim Jar is created with the two-step PET stretch blow molding process. Two-step blow molding gives four times higher output per mold than the one-step process.

The blow molder is Salboro Bottle, using a mold from V.P. Tool & Mold.

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