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Mag-Plastic® Machine Upgrade

Amsler Equipment Inc. has provided service for the MAG-Plastic® machines since 2014 via a partnership with AISA Inc. Our Service department can provide assistance with SSB-02, SSB-03, SSB-20 and SSB-20HP. Spare parts continue to be available through AISA Inc. through their subsidiary located in India. Amsler will continue to act as a liaison and will assist with parts sourcing and manufacturing of new parts when necessary.

Customer : Impact Plastics, Ontario, Canada
Machine : MAG two-cavity SSB20-HP
Machine Manufacture Date : 1999
Preform Slide Upgrade Install Date : November 2015

Impact Plastics was experiencing issues with their preform loader. No engraved scales were available to record settings for repeated setups. The original aluminum parts were worn and the slide was hard to adjust.

Before the upgrade, only one side of the preform slide could be adjusted at the top when adjusting the unscramble rollers and only one side of the preform slide would move, making slide alignment difficult. As a result, the preforms could drop out of or get stuck in the slide, causing a preform jam. This would also make changeovers more time consuming, due to trial and error.

With the new system, the operator uses the roller in the top section to make the initial adjustments as usual and then he can adjust each side of the rails individually if needed. A heavy-duty adjustment mechanism with bushings has been installed at the lower end of the rails. This lower adjustment uses a hand knob, lock nut, left and right-hand threaded rod which allows for easy even adjustments on the two sides of the preform slide. Scales were added in all sections to provide repeat ability.

The new rails replace the existing upper preform rails.
Installation time is approx. 4 hours.

Original setup of the preform slide before the upgrade

amsler 1

New slide mounted with scales

amsler 3

Amsler 5

Amsler 4

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