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L32 Convertible – 3 Cavity PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

**Video** for the 3 Cavity Convertible L32 Machine – This heavy walled 8oz bottle runs at a 3.75 Cycle time

Adjustable Cavitation & Container Sizes
Run 3 Cavity up to 2 Liters (500ml will run at 4800 per hour)
2 Cavity – containers from 50ml to 3 liters
1 Cavity – containers from 50ml to 5 liters

For custom blow molders, this new three-cavity convertible machine, with adjustable cavitation, reduces tooling costs and eliminates the need for two blow molding machines to serve intermediate to, medium-volume markets. Build up the volume one cavity and add new molds as needed. Space savings and energy savings with the same footprint and energy consumption as the two cavity Amsler machine series.

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