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Bottle Leak Tester USA

Make or Buy – Should you make your own bottles?

Heidi Amsler

Captive packagers, contract packagers and filling companies often start out by purchasing stock and custom bottles from custom blow molders.  Depending on your needs this can be a great initial solution since your bottle supplier takes all the risk associated with bottle production. However, this reduced risk comes with a price attached.

When does it make sense to bring blow molding in house?

Aside from the potential large cost savings, other advantages include direct control of your bottle supply, bottle design flexibility, speed to market with new designs and control of bottle quality.

Does it make financial sense?

Blow molding your own containers requires an investment in, equipment, electrical power plus the cost to employ and train qualified direct and indirect personnel. Adding new technology to the operation can also mean more risk. These risks that previously were borne by the supplier must be evaluated, as they will tend to threaten the attainment of full output of good-quality bottles using the newly-installed machinery.

The Key to running production

successfully is having trained capable


Review all related costs to purchase and run the equipment including additional operators, electricity, high pressure air, and transportation of material to make bottles.

Don’t forget the shipping cost savings!

A cash flow (cost) comparison between making and purchasing bottles is required to determine if making bottles is a good financial decision.

Important factors to consider:

  1. How steady is the company’s requirement for bottles; does it occupy full production capacity?
  2. How will sales and marketing benefit from in-house blow molding?
  3. How much will be saved from reducing warehouse space for bottles?
  4. Can bottles be sold to third parties as a source of new revenue to help occupy capacity?
  5. How great is the variety of sizes and designs? Are they proprietary or commodity bottles?
  6. Are suitable preforms readily available for purchase at good prices from reliable suppliers?
  7. Is blow molding expertise available or can it be acquired?
  8. What inputs are already available, such as manufacturing space and power?
  9. Will the machinery supplier reduce the technical risks by providing training and support during the start-up of manufacturing of each bottle?

Let Amsler Equipment complete the cost study on your behalf. Is it time for your company to start saving money by controlling your own bottle supply?

Amsler Equipment has been manufacturing equipment here in Canada since 1994. We can help you by supplying the most energy efficient PET stretch blow molding equipment available and by training your operators to a high level of competency.

PET Bottles for Craft Beer in NPE2018’s Bottle Zone Beer Garden: W. Amsler

Heidi Amsler


Craft beer in barrier PET bottles is to be sold throughout the week of NPE2018 in Orlando, Fla. due to the efforts of exhibitor W. Amsler Equipment Inc. (Booth #S21067). The company oversaw all design, technical, and manufacturing work for production of 12oz long-neck containers which were filled off-site in Orlando, according to Heidi Amsler, marketing manager for Amsler. The beer will be sold in the Beer Garden, which is part of NPE’s Bottle Zone – an area consisting of 40 exhibitors who work in PET packaging.

Interesting Feature to Draw Attendees

W. Amsler said:
“It was a stiff challenge but we were up to the task so that the Bottle Zone had another interesting feature to draw attendees. We can’t thank enough all our key suppliers who helped make this happen.”

PET Bottles for Beer at NPE2018

PET bottle manufacturing machine
W. Amsler’s General Manager Bruce Coxhead and Sales & Marketing Manager Heidi Amsler worked with numerous suppliers and vendors including Bill Droste, a partner with Orlando Brewing in Orlando who had a pre-existing arrangement to supply beer in glass containers with the Orange County Convention Center.

  • Droste worked closely with Amsler and among his requirements were a 12oz long-neck bottle with a panel diameter similar to glass.
  • Amsler had to maintain the bottle height for filling but shortened the shoulder to compensate for the wall thickness in a glass bottle.
  • Amsler reached out to its mold partner Mold Spec in Stoney Creek, Ontario, who utilized their own patented base for the bottle.
  • The bottle design was approved by Orlando Brewing and was reviewed by other brewers in Canada and the U.S. In a collaborative effort, the 12oz, 36-gram preform was designed by Amsler with assistance from Athena Automation and Yudo Valuepro.
  • The preform was designed to accept a standard metal crown closure and was optimized for the required axial and diametrical stretch ratios as well as core and cavity draft for preform molding.
  • Preforms were designed by Amsler to run on Athena equipment at its Ontario location.

For the barrier material, Amsler selected a monolayer structure with barrier additive which would allow the molding of PET preforms generally on any injection molding machine equipped for PET. W. Amsler used its single-cavity PET stretch blow molder to produce bottles for the NPE2018 show. The 12oz barrier bottles are amber, with color from REPI S.p.A. W. Amsler also created barrier clear bottles to target the growing cider market.

Source – https://omnexus.specialchem.com/news/industry-news/w-amsler-pet-bottles-for-beer-npe2018-000214458

Amsler to Service MAG Machines

Heidi Amsler

December 18th, 2014 West Chester, Ohio, USA & Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

AISA Industrial Automation North America Inc. and W. Amsler Equipment Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership that reinforces the support provided to the MAG-PLASTIC blow molding machine owners, for maintenance, repair services, spare parts and training.

From now on, W. Amsler Equipment Inc. will ensure parts and service availability for the SSB-02, SSB-03, SSB-20 and SSB-20HP MAG-PLASTIC machines located in the USA, Canada, Mexico and countries of the Caribbean through their current service department with offices in the US and Canada.  AISA Inc. will continue to supply parts directly to customers who wish so and owners of other models of MAG-PLASTIC machines.

About AISA Industrial Automation North America Inc. (AISA Inc)

AISA Inc. is an Ohio located subsidiary of AISA Automation Industrielle S.A., a Swiss based company, leading supplier of innovative laminate tube packaging production solutions and tube compression molding production solutions. For more information, please visit www.aisa.com.

About W. Amsler Equipment Inc.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler. The company manufactures state-of-the-art, highly-efficient reheat PET stretch-blow molding machines, leak testers and spin trimmers for the beverage, personal care, household product, detergent, chemical, and food industries. The product line includes linear machines with outputs up to 6,000 bottles per hour. The company was one of the first in the industry to develop all-electric machines. For more information, please visit www.amslerequipment.com

PET bottles, flasks and an HDPE cooler take top honors in blow molding

Heidi Amsler

CHICAGO — The Society of Plastics Engineers’ Blow Molding Division presented awards to packaging innovations like triangular bottles, flask containers for Jack Daniels, an industrial products line a game table and a giant ice cooler.Judges selected winners from 14 entries, at the SPE Blow Molding Conference, held Oct. 5-7 in Chicago. This was the second annual blow molded parts competition.
Here is a recap of the awards:


First place: W. Amsler Equipment Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario, won for a set of four triangular-shaped PET bottles that nest together for efficient packaging. Retailers also save space. The bottles use recycled food-grade PET to replace PVC. 55oz spin trim Jar is created with the two-step PET stretch blow molding process. Two-step blow molding gives four times higher output per mold than the one-step process.

The blow molder is Salboro Bottle, using a mold from V.P. Tool & Mold.

CCC Expands PET bottle Production with Amsler Machines

Heidi Amsler

Four new PET stretch-blow machines will be online in 2013 (VIDEO BELOW)

August 22, 2013 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Consolidated Container Company (CCC) recently placed an order for three L42 4-cavity and one L32 3-cavity PET stretch-blow machines with Amsler Equipment Inc. in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.  These convertible series machines are being installed in two different facilities.

The new all-electric Amsler linear L32 and L42 machines are convertible because the number of cavities is adjustable.  The L42 machines can be run in 4-cavity mode to make bottles up to 2 liters or in 2-cavity mode for larger bottles up to 5 liters. The L32 machine can be run in 3-cavity mode to make bottles up to 2 liters, 2-cavity mode for bottles up to 3 liters and single-cavity mode for bottles up to 5 liters.

The Amsler machines are all-electric with servo-actuated stretch rods, clamp, and preform in-feed to the molds.  At CCC’s request, the machines were equipped with Siemens user interfaces and controls systems.  The machines will be used to produce a variety of containers, including beverage, trigger sprayer and floor cleaner, among others.

According to Werner Amsler, President, “The order placed by CCC with us is a milestone in our history as it represents the largest single order we have ever received. We are committed to working closely with CCC in supplying state-of-the-art machines to support their growth in manufacturing PET containers.”

Rob Johnson, General Manager of Consumer Business unit of CCC, said  “W. Amsler Equipment Inc. has been a critical partner to support the needs of the key customers of the CCC’s Consumer Business Unit. They have worked closely with CCC’s engineering group to deliver technology that fit the needs of our growing PET platform and our Commercial Services group, which is committed to providing CCC’s customers with the fastest possible speed to market in the packaging industry.”

  1. Amsler Equipment Inc.

Amsler Equipment Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler. The company manufactures state-of-the-art, highly-efficient reheat stretch-blow molding machines and auxiliary equipment for blow molders of PET containers for the beverage, personal care, household products, detergent, chemicals, and food industries. The product line includes linear machines with output up to 10,000 bottles per hour and rotary equipment for up to 24,000 bottles per hour. The company was one of the first in the industry to develop all-electric machines.

Amsler also supplies complete turnkey blow molding plants and filling lines. These systems include filling equipment, bottle inspection units, air compressors, blown-dome spin trimmers, gaylord dumpers, vacuum conveyors and blow molds. More details can be found on our website: www.amslerequipment.com

Consolidated Container Company

Consolidated Container Company is a leading developer and manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging solutions in North America. Consolidated Container Company specializes in customized mid- and shortrun packaging solutions, serving a diverse customer base in the dairy, large-format water, beverage,  food, household chemical, automotive, and specialty chemical markets. With 60 manufacturing facilities and 2,100 employees, CCC has an integrated, nationwide network of manufacturing and service locations to deliver reliable and cost-effective packaging solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and markets. CCC provides standard and custom packaging solutions to its customers. From its state-of-the art Panella Engineering and Development Center to its experienced manufacturing teams across its network, CCC delivers high performance, cost-effective design solutions to meet even the most challenging container applications. To inquire how we can support you with your rigid plastic packaging needs please visit.