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Amsler Announces Availability of Servo Stretch Rods for Complete Line of Stretch-Blow Machinery

Heidi Amsler

Key Benefits Include Precision Control, Energy Savings, and Greater Output

ORLANDO, Fla., April 1, 2012 – Amsler Equipment Inc., a leading manufacturer of all-electric, reheat stretch blow molding machines based in Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada, has announced the availability of highly-efficient servo stretch rods for its complete line of all-electric reheat stretch-blow machinery. The company has already sold several convertible L32 three-cavity reheat stretch-blow molding machines with servo stretch rods in North America. Amsler made the announcement at NPE 2012: The International Plastics Showcase, April 1-5, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. (Booth #583).

For custom blow molders, the servo-driven electric stretch rods deliver major productivity advantages over pneumatic stretch rods, according to President Werner Amsler. “We’ve taken an already highly efficient machine and made it even more energy efficient,” said Amsler. “Our machines are now able to offer a new level of cost savings and at the same time increased output.”

Compared to pneumatic versions, servo stretch rods provide the user with more precise control over the stretching process and reduced cycle time, said Amsler. Servo stretch rods also provide lower power consumption, saving 5 kW/h of energy. They also offer more precise and better speed control and ramp-up for better productivity and consistency, thus reducing scrap.

A 4% cycle time reduction results in improved productivity which means more bottles per hour. Operator setup of servo stretch rods is easier compared to pneumatics because no tools are required and they are automatically set up

through the existing operator interface. Unlike pneumatic cylinders which eventually require rebuilding, servo stretch rods require no maintenance.

Servo stretch rods are offered as an option on all of Amsler’s all-electric reheat stretch-blow molding machines.

About W. Amsler Equipment Inc.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler. In addition to rotary and linear blow molding machines, W. Amsler also supplies auxiliary equipment for complete blow bolding plants, water treatment, and filling lines. Other products include bottle-inspection units, air compressors, process chillers, mold temperature-control units, blow-dome spin-off trimmers, gaylord dumpers, vacuum conveyors, and blow molds. The company has also partnered with companies to provide turnkey liquid filling equipment. More details are available at www.amslerequipment.com

W. Amsler Equipment Offers One-Stop Shop For Liquid Filling Machinery

Heidi Amsler

Expanded Line Delivers Cost-Effective Solutions for Turnkey Operationsconveyorlargecap

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, Sept. 21, 2010 – W. Amsler Equipment Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of all-electric, reheat stretch-blow molding machines and related equipment based in Richmond Hill, Ont., has expanded its custom line of filling equipment for a broad range of liquid filling applications including beverage, edible oil, household cleaners, and pharmaceuticals. Amsler’s unique filling solutions are targeted for tight manufacturing footprints, expansion of existing filling lines, and turnkey operations.The company made the announcement at the InterBev 2010 exhibition Sept. 22-24 in Orlando, Fla.

“We’re offering packagers and end users a one-stop shop that provides cost-effective solutions in today’s demanding liquid filling market,” said Werner Amsler, president of W. Amsler Equipment. “We eliminate the difficulty and worry in putting all the important elements together for a turnkey filling operation.”

W. Amsler’s rotary monoblock filling lines are made of stainless steel and all rinsing, filling, and capping operations are enclosed, thus promoting a sanitary environment. The unit can be built with HEPA filtration and serve as its own clean room.

The filling machines feature PLC controls for reliable and repeatable performance. Machine speed is automatically varied depending on-line conditions. Filling lines can be set up independently or inline with a W. Amsler linear or rotary blow molder. Also available is downstream equipment including CIP (clean in place), bottle unscramblers, labelers, shrink bundlers, stretch wrappers, date code printers, palletizers, and other downstream packaging solutions.

Amsler has sold filling equipment to beverage producers throughout the world. The equipment is backed by Amsler’s North American parts and service department and an unmatched customer support team.

Joseph Grande

Amslers New Reheat Stretch-Blow Molder satisfies Widemouth Container Demands

Heidi Amsler

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, Sept. 25, 2009

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. recently sold its newest model, the L15 all-electric reheat stretch-blow molder with hot-img_3016fill capability, to Diversified Ltd., based in Trinidad & Tobago, a PET bottle manufacturer for the food and household detergent industries. Diversified will use the machine to produce wide mouth food jars ranging from 8-oz to 32-oz, along with 5-L detergent containers for the local market.

Upon winning new production work for wide mouth containers, Diversified did an extensive examination of the blow molding machine supply base. “Based on our research, the W. Amsler machine is one of the few that can produce wide mouth containers automatically,” explained Warren Scott, Diversified’s owner. “All of the advantages of an all-electric in terms of efficiency and economics also played a key role in our selection.”

W. Amsler’s new L15 custom blow molder is a single-cavity unit that produces containers from 20-mm to 70-mm at img_3043up to 1700 bottles/hr. It is targeted for small- to medium-size volumes and produces larger containers (up to 5-L) than the company’s L12 model (up to 2-L). The machine for Diversified is specially equipped for automatic loading of 89-mm diam. preforms and has a larger track for preform spigots. Diversified buys preforms and manufactures 13 different bottles for ketchup, peanut butter, mayonnaise, sauces, and other products. The company is also pursuing local opportunities for hot-fill containers.Compared to hydraulics, the all-electric machine delivers an energy savings of 50%, along with greater precision, smaller footprint (170-in by 80-in), faster speed, reduced maintenance, and quicker mold changeovers, according to W. Amsler.

The new reheat blow molder is part of a turnkey operation sold to Diversified which also img_3030includes specially
designed blow molds from W. Amsler.