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5 Head Bottle Inspection Unit (See Video Below)

Heidi Amsler


W. Amsler’s New Flying Head Leak Tester Delivers
High Output and Tool-Free Changeovers

Five-Head Unit is Among the Industry’s Fastest and
Most Compact Solutions to Ensure Bottle Quality

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, June 30, 2011 – W. Amsler Equipment Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of all-electric, reheat stretch-blow molding machines and ancillary equipment based in Richmond Hill, Ont., has extended its line of leak testers with an innovative flying head design which provides high output, flexibility, and tool-free changeovers. The new five-head unit, which runs up to 250 bottles/min, is for plastic containers up to 2-L for beverage, personal-care, consumer goods, and other markets.

“This new leak tester is one of the fastest, most cost-effective, user friendly, and compact solutions in the industry,” said President Werner Amsler. “It ensures maximum productivity and improved quality for processors and product manufacturers.”

The five heads travel with the bottles along the conveyor in the enclosed system. A unique feature is the use of servo motors instead of an indexing conveyor or stationary heads to control the traveling heads. This enables the heads to move more quickly, speeding up overall operation.

The compact linear system is smaller and more flexible than competitive linear and rotary machines. No change parts are required and tool-free changeovers are fast and simple.

The leak tester uses low-pressure air to detect holes as small as 0.006-in diameter. It also detects fallen bottles, choked necks, and blocked necks. Extra heads can be added to the unit to increase speed and productivity.

Amsler’s new leak tester is fully tested and commercially available. A custom blow molder in the U.S. has purchased two units for testing various plastic food containers.

About W. Amsler Equipment Inc.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler. The company manufactures state-of-the-art, highly-efficient reheat stretch-blow molding machines and auxiliary equipment for manufacturers of plastic containers for the carbonated soft drink, water, and food industries. The product line includes linear machines with output up to10,000 bottles/hr and rotary equipment for up to 24,000 bottles/hr. The company was one of the first to develop all-electric machines which provide users with highly-repeatable processing, energy savings up to 50% vs. hydraulics, and a 75% reduction in maintenance costs.
W. Amsler also supplies auxiliary equipment for complete blow molding plants, water treatment, and filling lines. These products include semi- and fully-automatic palletizers, bottle-inspection units, air compressors, process chillers, mold temperature-control units, blow-dome spin-off trimmers, gaylord dumpers, vacuum conveyors, slip sheet cleaners, and blow molds. The company has also partnered with companies to provide turnkey liquid filling equipment. More details are available at www.amslerequipment.com

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Joseph Grande


Multi Head Leak Tester

Heidi Amsler

Video of the multi-head bottle inspection system, built in Canada.

Features include:
– Leak Detection as small as 0.006″ hole or crack
– Wall distribution
– Choked necks
– Color Inspection
– Batch Counting
– Print Shift Summary

Test 1 Liter bottles at 10,000 bottles per hour.

More information & video for this system is available on our website http://www.amslerequipment.net/