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Amsler updates stretch blow molding unit

L42X Amsler Equipment has redesigned its four-cavity, linear stretch blow molding machine for PET. Like its predecessor, the L42, the L42X can blow bottles up to 2 liters in size using four cavities and bottles up to 5 liters in two cavities. In the new machine, the maximum neck diameter is 63mm, compared to 48mm in the prior version.

What’s new? The machine, which Amsler launched last month, and its numerous improved features, including upgraded drives, heating lamps, oven controls and control software and hardware. All machine motions now are servo-driven. The L42X individually controls the heating of the four preforms before they are moved into the molding area. The clamp is double-acting, so that both mold halves move away from the centerline upon opening; clamp compensation acts on both sides of the mold. The far right photo shows heated oven banks without preforms. The inset photo shows preforms entering an oven bank.

Benefits Performance, ease of use and robust construction. Due to the use of servo motors, the operator has better control of all motions within the machine, including rotation of preforms through the oven. The new machine improves output by more than 10 percent.

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