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5 Gallon Leak Testers – Up to 3000 bottles per hour.

5gallonTest bottles for leaks at rates of up to 3,000 bottles per hour. Detect hole sizes as small as .010. Custom conveyor systems are available.

All units feature recipe storage, onscreen test results, self test feature, and quick adjust test head heights. Various test head sizes are available to accommodate a variety of container sizes.

Temperature testing is available to help detect bottles with ice. Chocked neck and wall thickness inspection is an option when the unit is inline with a blow molding machine

Table Top Leak Tester – Up to 800 bottles per hour. Setup in a lab for off-linetesting. Speeds are operator dependent.



Standard Leak tester up to 1,000 bottles per hour Includes 6.5 foot indexing conveyor. Setup inline with blow molder or filling equipment or use as a stand alone unit.

Flying Head leak tester – Up to 3,000 bottles per hour Includes 6.5 foot continuous conveyor. The leak testing head follows the bottle during the test.


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